Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom's Kitchen

Mom's Kitchen

I am sucker for anything "50's Housewife" So this line "Domestic Goddess" from Graphic 45 was a must have for me! It would make great altered recipe cards or recipe books, heritage pages, or a fun page with recent pics... maybe baking cupcakes with your daughter :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paper Pumpkins tutorial

Materials needed:
4 sheets of double sided paper
6 brads
thread or string
tape runner or glue
crop-a-dile or small hole puncher
pencil or paint brush to curl paper strips
The instructions for all 3 sizes of the pumpkins are the same, the measurements of the paper strips are the only thing that differs. The pattern paper with the stripes is for the curls, stems and leaves, the other 3 are for the pumpkins. It is your choice which paper to use for which size pumpkin.
Step 1
Cutting the paper strips
Large Pumpkin: Cut 12 strips @ 1 inch by 12 inches
Medium Pumpkin: Cut 12 strips @ 1 inch by 10 inches
Small Pumpkin: Cut 12 strips @ 1 inch by 8 inches
From the striped paper cut: 6-9 strips @ 1/4 inch by 12 inches for the paper curls (2-3 per pumpkin)
Cut 1 strip at 2 inches By 12 inches and then cut it into 3 pieces (2 inched by 4 inches) for the stems
Step 2
Assembling the pumpkin (working on the large one)
Stack all 12 strips of paper

Using a crop-a-dile or a small hole punch, punch through the stack,(about 1/4 inch from the top and centered)

Insert a brad through the hole
Separate the strips, alternating which side each strip is moved to.

Pull the ends together and punch a whole through the ends. Make sure you get through all of them. You will notice that the ends are not even so go up far enough that you get all the ends.

Place a brad through the newly created hole, keeping the paper strips in a circle shape
Step 3
Forming the pumpkin
Tie a long piece of thread around the brad on the inside of the pumpkin (see pic)

To give the pumpkin it’s oval shape, slip the ends of the string under the tines of the opposite brad and pull to get the shape you desire

after you get the shape you like, tie off the thread so it will stay
Now you can open up the pumpkin (my example pumpkin is made with only 8 strips of paper, so yours will be fuller)

Step 4
Decoration the pumpkin
Free hand cut a few leaves from your scrap papers and adhere them to the top of the pumpkin. Curl the thin strips of paper around a pencil or thin paint brush

Curls can be twisted and smooshed into a desirable look and the adhered to the top of the pumpkin
Take the 2 by 4 inch strip of green and cut a 1/4 inch fringe along one of the long sides

Shape into a stem and glue closed. Attach to the top, and your done!

Friday, September 25, 2009

EveryThing Scrappin's Birthday Surprise!

I am pleased to announce that Everything Scrapp'n turns 2 years old September 26th and we all know that birthdays mean presents! Take a look at some of the great goodies you can get.

First Thing: Surprise Savings!
Enter the code
2years during checkout to receive 35% off your ENTIRE order! (Starting now and ending at Midnight EST September 26th)

Second Thing: Presents!
Level 1 Present - $10.00 purchase - 1 Package of E Pearls/Crystals
Level 2 Present - $20.00 purchase - Level 1 + 1 package of E Flowers
Level 3 Present - $30.00 purchase - Level 1 & 2 + Zva cloth bag
Level 4 Present - $40.00 purchase - Level 1-3 + Little Yellow Bicycle Medium Tote (heavy duty material)
Level 5 Present - $50.00 purchase - Level 1-4 + $5.00 gift certificate
After Level 5 Present - you will get an additional $5.00 gift certificate for every $10.00 you spend

Third Thing: Invite your friends to our "party"!

If I get 26 orders between the moment this blog posts through Midnight EST on the 26th, every customer will get bumped up a present level. So invite your friends!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Front Porch

I had so much fun playing with these tiny papers from Jenni Bowlin. They are 4x4 & instead of being full size papers from the line cut down, they are minature versions of the 12x12 pages with scaled down prints. Head to Everything scrappin to find this and many more great Jenni Bowlin Products.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pink Paislee Contest

Pink Paislee Contest

RULES: Contest begins September 1st. Using at least 50% Pink Paislee product, make a garland/banner with at least three hanging pennants. Post a picture (or a link to a picture) on the Everything Scrappn Blog in the comments section of the Pink Paislee Contest blog post by September 15th, Midnight EST. Sample garland above:
So what are you playing for? Winners will receive either a collection of all the new CHA Summer 09 Pink Paislee papers, a Pink Paislee apron, OR a Pink Paislee tote bag! Winners will be announced September 17th on the Everything Scrappn Blog. Winners must reply to the email address provided on the September 17th blog post within 3 days or forfeit their prize.



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