Wednesday, September 10, 2008

changing Seasons

I just spent all day washing every piece of clothing my 5 kids own...... that's a lot of loads! We dumped out drawers, folded, sorted, packed away for winter and passed down sizes. I still need to get all of the boxed up winter clothes out of storage, but maybe later this week. I always dread this chore, but it feels so good when its all done, the drawers all neat and the hampers are empty {well for a few minutes anyways} The kids are so funny when its time to pass down clothes. The kid growing out of the item, is sad because they are all their favorites, and the new owner is so overjoyed to get their older siblings greatest treasure. Funny, isn't..... How kids don't make fun of hand me downs. My kids Love it, they also love finding one of a kind treasures at second hand shops


Kristal said...

A sweet entry today!! I can totally kids love it too!! Love the pics! :)

Keely Yowler said...

I LOVE these adorable pics! My kids would never pose like that! We're a hand-me-down family 2!


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