Wednesday, October 15, 2008

life gets in the way

wow, I can't believe how long its been since I sat down and blogged! Life just seems to get in the way some times! Right after my last entry we found a new home to move into....... and I had two weeks to pack the whole house. It was totally a gift from God! We went from 7 people in 1000 sq feet and two bedrooms to 3000 sq feet 6 bedrooms {and a schoolroom, 2nd family room, and a great-room.....} We had some amazing help getting moved, and got most of it done in one day and were sleeping in our new rooms on the first night. One of the only things that wasn't moved that day was our phone service, so our phones and pc stayed behind. Um.......BIG mistake! Although we live in the middle of no where, down a long dirt road, in a valley not visible from any other road........... someone who knew we were moving came and stole all our computer equipment and our electric piano. I am mostly sad about the 6 years of pictures that I had on the hard drive, UGH!!!
Well, we are much happier in all this space. I was even able to paint {with hubby's help!} before we moved in , and I LOVE the new colors. I can't wait to finish painting the hallway and maybe my bedroom. Right after we moved in my parents came and stayed for a few days so Bubba and I could go up north to a conference. The conference was so-so, but the time away was nice. And, after driving around lost for about an hour...we got to visit with my best friend and her family for a while.
Things are slowly getting back to normal. I am behind on getting my design team stuff done. But my new craft-room is currently storing all the un-opened boxes, so I need to dig out my scrappy stuff.

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Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

YAY! i'm glad to see you are back on and finding a little normalcy! i can't even WAIT to come visit you and see your new house! it sounds SO amazing!


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