Saturday, April 24, 2010

went for a drive today- a pictorial story

so on the other day we were asked to list 5 things that make us smile, so while on a drive with the family today I decided to take pictures of things that made me smile. We had quite a drive!
1st stop Mary Adams beach on the Smith river :)

the kids climbed some rocks :)

we *ahem* leaned on rocks :)

headed to Brookings and ate lunch at the hungry clam...yummy :)

took pictures with a living statue, he was really cool :)

headed to Harris Beach...aaaahhhhh, I love this beach :)

played in a fort made of driftwood :)

threated to dunk a monkey in the ocean :)

got chased by a seaweed monster :)

ran from some waves :)

tried to make a sea-saw out of driftwood and a big rock :)

Him...Venti caramel frap extra caramel
Her...Venti green tea-ice tea 1/2 sweet {shaken not stirred} :)

SEE, I was there :)


Frank said...

I had a great day. Your pictures are fantastic.

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

Amen Frank!! AWESOME pictures, wow. What a fun pictorial. Wish we were there!

Heidi said...

Very cool pics, Teresa! Almost like we were there, but I don't remember tasting a delicious caramel frappe...or green tea for that matter. Yum! Glad you had a great day with the fam!


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