Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Great tree hunt, 2008

So this is the 1st year we have ever had a real Christmas tree. A friend from Church led us up the side of Mt Sanger, 6500 ft to find a Noble Fir. Its an 11 mile drive that takes over an hour. It was freezing when we left our house at 8am, but at the top of the mountain above the fog and in the bright sun it was warm and beautiful!
about half way up we stopped on a ridge to look down into our valley. It's hard to see in the pics, but the wall of fog makes a really dramatic drop into the valley {were the shadow is on the fog}

Unfortunately, my camera batteries died after taking the pics above.... so I don't have any pics of us looking for or finding the tree. But we had a blast hiking all over the side of the mountain looking for the "perfect" tree! back at home, out 10 foot tree had to be trimmed to 6 1/2 feet to fit in the house with a stand and starThe kiddos did all the decorating notice the bundles under the tree? Right after decorating the tree, all the kids wrapped presents for each other and us from there rooms. The gifts are wrapped in blankets, scarfs and colorings......... the season of giving :)


Colleen said...

I miss going and picking a tree! Looks great!

ellen said...

oh how fun! we always went to a tree farm so i guess that takes the fun out of it.


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