Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your Hands

I got some canvases the other night, and just couldn't wait to work with them. They are 12x16, which is bigger than I normally work with. After driving home from my parents the other day, and listening to JJ Hellers CD for about 3 hours straight I knew that this was the first canvas I wanted to complete! I finished it in one night...... thats amazing considering the amount of layering, embossing, glazing, stamping, painting and texturing that went into it.....not that you can really see all of that in the pic :) I don't do enough art that is just for me, so when I do I really pour into it. I have another canvas planned with psalm 31 on it....... just have to find the right paper as the jumping off point. Here's the song that inspired the canvas, hope you are blessed by it. (you can click on the pics to make them bigger)

Not sure yet where I am going to put this canvas, I love how it turned out, but I am not sure if it goes with my house :)


Julie Ann said...

OMG- This is SOOOO Gorgeous!!!!

Thoughts from my Page said...

I like the ay you incorporated the pink roses and butterflies. Very pretty.

Sarah Lou said...

Oh this is so heart squeakingly darling! So beautiful!


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