Friday, July 16, 2010

Sizzling Summer Sketch Crop

Scrapbook Heaven 

Welcome, friends! Are you already tired of summer? OR if you live on the other side of the world are you tired of the cold? Well, we've got just the thing for your 'summer/winter' blues! A SIZZLING sketch crop! 

We will be posting sketches through out the day on Friday (July 16) and Saturday (July 17) for your inspiration! AND because we wanna keep it fresh you will actually have 2 chances for the grand prize with EACH SKETCH!!!!! So, can actually complete each sketch TWICE BUT there is a catch....(you know there has to be a catch)....

With each sketch there will also be a 'challenge' posted. You MAY complete two layouts for each sketch this time! Your choice, one with the sketch, and then one with the challenge! BUT if you use BOTH of them for each time you MUST TURN,FLIP, or MIRROR the sketch! For example, if you use the sketch and the challenge on one layout then want to complete it again, you MUST TURN, FLIP or MIRROR it for a second one, even if you are just doing the sketch on the second one. If you are solely doing the 'challenge' part then you don't have to, you will just need to complete the challenge!

We wanna see you guys SCRAP!!!!!

Post a quick "hello" here to let us know you're playing.

Just a couple of guidelines:
~ New layouts only, please
~ Layouts must be at least 8x8 or larger.
~ Please upload your layout in the gallery and post a link or your image in the forum post.Layouts will ONLY be counted if they are linked in the challenge post.
~ No combining challenges or sketches!
~ All layouts are due on July 28, midnight EST



TeenaBugg38 said...

ok...this sounds fun...count me in!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

awesome! i'll play!


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