Monday, July 28, 2008

just an entry

I just got back from watering my garden. Something about walking around in there just makes me happy. I love checking over the plants to discover new things growing or to check and see if anything is ready to be picked. It also makes me happy to see how excited my kiddos get over being the one to discover ripened tomatoes or new "baby" veggies. Just today we discovered 3 fuzzy little melons growing, gobbled up a few ripe cherry tomatoes, picked three pickle cucumbers, found a yellow squash ready to be picked for dinner and noted that all of the bell pepper plants now have tiny fruits growing on them. Our bunny rabbits were happy to gobble down all the lettuce plants that have overgrown and gotten to bitter to eat. This garden has been such a blessing and a great learning experience!

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Gina said...

Ah...I know how you feel!! Growing things is wonderful. There's no other feeling like seeing something you've planted grow, and then EATING it! :)


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