Sunday, July 13, 2008

so simple a child could do it!

oh, I am so already in love with this machine!
how easy was it to push go, and wham a flourish!
My kids really liked watching it work >:0)

what's even cooler, you don't have to buy more cuts from the company! there are yahoo groups and message boards setup just for sharing the gsd files that the machine uses to cut!!!
Be on the look out for upcoming LO with lots of cutwork!!!
{I found files to make my own "laser cut" paper}


Melonie said...

That's awesome! Have fun with it!

hansenfamily said...

What machine is this for?

scrappermimi said...

Such a cool flourish! Looks like a great investiment!

Stacey said...

Very cool! Such pretty flourishes. :)

Janet said...

Wow cool is that!! Can't wait to see what else you cut with your new toy!

Tammy said...

What machine is this? Looks cool!

Gina said...

wow!! so neat!!


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