Saturday, June 14, 2008

grow grow grow

yippie! my garden is coming to life

lemon mint
ice box lettuce
Napa cabbage
bell peppers starting to blossom
some of the smaller zucchini /squash plants
rows of peas and beans
butter lettuce
cherry tomatoes, the big ones are growing too
the fruit trees are also in full swing
one of the apple trees

one of the cherry trees

I am so excited to finally start seeing results !!!!!


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful garden! I was browsing blogspot and came across your page. You country life sounds wonderful :).

jonaks said...

wow, lovd those strawberries. I can live in your garden. those will be perfect for some green salad. yummy!!!

ALLY said...

Wow!! You must have one HUGE garden! Congrats... so many wonderful and yummy treats coming your way!

perilloparodies said...

from one mama of a larger family to yours...I thought this post "grow, grow, grow" would be a fitting place to give an introductory hello. Your family is beautiful. have a great day.


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