Sunday, June 8, 2008

I conqured the minibook!

wooohoooo!!!! I finished my mini book!
I am so excited to have my mini done for round 5 of the gauntlet.
but this round is a two week challenge so I can't post it for another week
I was the second one finish, I really thought it would take me longer than that
so the little ones passed out on the couch today, I think from the heat.
this is how I felt after finishing that book......

Here is a picture of the random office products that I cut-up to make my book


Jens Place in Space said...

I love those pictures!!!! Your are very creative!

Pat said...

You did a great job on your mini album! You also won the RAK at my blog.

~ Jayme ~ said...

Neat, love that you used office objects in the mini.
That's how I feel too, like i'm about to pass out. I've been rearranging furniture.

Colleen said...

Oh I so totally need to go check out your book on the site now after seeing what you used to do it! Good luck this round!

Great pics!


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