Thursday, June 12, 2008

One thing I must accomplish today is...

One thing I must accomplish today is...
(today's blog prompt from scrapperie)
  • weed at least half my garden
  • get stakes and twine put in for the sweet peas, snap-peas and pole beans
  • help hubby fix the chicken coop
  • make something yummy for dinner
  • research websites for Rhonda
  • find a new home for scissors (note to self, do not keep scissors accessible to bathroom, you might do something stupid like cut your bangs when you are frustrated with them....)


Jennifer said...

Looks like a full day out outdoor fun for you... and too funny about the scissors... is there a story there???

Janet said...

LOL...cut your bangs!! I hear that! I hope you got everything done!

Shannon (Swell) said...

i totally support cutting your bangs! do it! unless they're safety scissors, i wouldn't use those ;)

ALLY said...

I sure you you got everything on your list done!


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